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    Help Line 24x7, 9 languages : All-India Toll Free number : 1800 22 22 44
    Chargeable/Tolled Number 080-25300175
    Dedicated number for NRI +918025302510
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Caution : Do not fall prey to fictitious offers of getting cheap funds from abroad claimed to have been remitted by overseas entities to banks in India/Reserve Bank of India. Member of public should also not make any remittance towards participation in such schemes/offers from unknown entities.   Inflation Indexed National Saving Securities- Cumulative (IINSS-C) Dear Customer, Our chargeable Help Line contact numbers have changed from 05-12-2013. The new numbers are 080-25300175 for domestic customers and +918025302510 for Overseas customers. Our toll free number 1800 2222 44 will continue without change. Union Bank never asks for your Bank details through email/SMS/Phone. Never share your personal /financial information like User Ids & Passwords... Union Bank of India is a member of BCSBI ... KYC data Updation Notice ... -Rupee Term Deposits (Repatriable) with us and Double your money in 7 Yrs 7 months (annualised yield 13.37%)
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